& cabinetmaking

Precious, alive, resistant and ecological wood is a vital material to create furniture and artwork.

Attentive to all essences and shapes of wood throughout the creation of a work, the cabinetmaker and woodworker work together in perfect harmony to produce, mold, sculpt or engrave.

Oak, chestnut, spruce, hornbeam, maple, cherry, walnut, plane tree and pine are some of the essences often used and enhanced by our craftsmen as well as exotic woods like mahogany, ebony, yew and lemon wood.

GH & Partners is a design and project management office that conceives the organization and layout of prestigious, luxury spaces throughout the world. Turnkey work from conception to production, installation and follow-up.


3, Place Jacques Marette
75015 PARIS
+33(0) 616 617 941


Via Sebenico 22
20124 Milan

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