Why choose GH & Partners?


  • We are present at every step of a project and offer a turnkey solution
  • Thanks to efficient project management, we help you save time.
  • There are no intermediary costs given we are both the conceivers and producers.


  • We treat natural resources with respect as indicated by the FSC CoC certification while the 100% Made in Italy certification guarantees the quality and source of our products to our clients.


  • Our materials are of top quality and we treat them using the latest technologies.
  • Our craftsmen and salespeople are highly qualified.
    We have 30 years of experience in custom-made projects and have worked with world-famous brands.

We insure quality and respect the values that are important to us. Our strict organization, quality services and the satisfaction of our clients are our priorities. This consolidates our ability to improve ourselves each year.

We are proud to have been certified FSC CoC by the Conseil de Soutien de la Forêt (Advisory Board to Support the Forests) which confirms that we respect the sustainable management of forests.

Finally, we use the 100% MADE IN ITALY label that guarantees the source and quality of our products, all of Italian origin.

GH & Partners is a design and project management office that conceives the organization and layout of prestigious, luxury spaces throughout the world. Turnkey work from conception to production, installation and follow-up.


21 Rue de Cronstadt
75015 PARIS
+33(0) 6 68 95 63 98


Via Sebenico 22
20124 Milan

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