Our customers deserve tailor-made and unique furniture.

With natural raw materials, such as wood, and more modern materials, such as polymers and steel, we manufacture furniture suitable for each of our customers so that the soul of the establishment is felt in every detail. Beds, sofas, desks, tables, armchairs, the list of what we can create for you is long.


Precious, living, resistant and ecological, wood is an essential material when creating furniture and works of art.

Attentive to all the species and shapes of wood throughout the creation of a work, the cabinetmaker and the carpenter work in perfect harmony to make, mold, sculpt or engrave.

Oak, chestnut, spruce, hornbeam, maple, cherry, walnut, maple, plane, fir are some of the species widely used and magnified by craftsmen, but also exotic woods, such as as mahogany, ebony, yew and lemon tree.

Upholstery and upholstery

Each craft or project requires a different fabric. From cotton, hemp, linen, silk to synthetic fabric, there are a large number of fabrics and classic or precious fabrics, plain or printed, embroidered, with very varied technical qualities. The upholsterer-decorator will be able to combine the marriage of colors and materials, while respecting the technical and aesthetic qualities specific to each fabric. With rigor and meticulousness, the craftsman carries out by hand and machine the manufacturing and renovation operations individually or in small series, sometimes on works of art and unique pieces.

Ironwork and metal furniture

The metal, ferrous or non-ferrous, is transformed, cut, welded, riveted, hammered, chiseled, forged, stamped, treated. The works are made of iron, copper, bronze, aluminum, brass but also stainless steel, steel, or lead. Depending on the project to be carried out, the choice of material will be essential. Each material requires a particular technique and know-how.

Stone work

Stonework is a unique know-how. Marble, granite, limestone, sandstone are a raw material that can be worked by hand using different techniques but also using state-of-the-art machinery. This makes possible the realization of architectural elements in stone at the service of interior and exterior decoration.